Dr. Nina Abdul Razzak is a respected figure in the education sector, currently serving as an Academic Consultant at the Directorate of Higher Education of the Education & Training Quality Authority of Bahrain. She has a career spanning almost three decades, including her time as an Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology and Leadership at the Bahrain Teachers’ College, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs at Mohammad Almana College of Health Sciences & Training Programmes, and Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education at Effat University. Dr. Razzak holds a PhD in Educational Technology from Walden University and a Masters of Arts in Philosophy with a major in Practical Ethics and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Philosophy from the American University of Beirut. She has received numerous accolades, including the GCC Award of Excellence E-Learning Course Design in 2010 and the Annual Essay-Contest Award from Al-Mana Hospitals in Al-Khobar, KSA in 2008. Dr. Razzak is also an active researcher, publishing in international peer-reviewed journals and contributing to book chapters and conference papers.

Dr. Ana-Paula Fonseca is a highly respected figure in the academic and professional world of Management and Marketing, serving as a Senior Lecturer and Programme Director of DBA at the University of Dundee. She has a background in major industries such as pharmaceuticals and finance, and has also served in large organizations and embraced the entrepreneurial spirit by consulting for two budding enterprises in Brazil.

Dr. Ana-Paula earned her PhD in 2019 and began her academic journey at the University of Dundee in 2018 as a Programme Leader in the Graduate Apprenticeship Programme. She later served as a Programme Leader in MBA Strategic Project Management and Engineering Management at Edinburgh Napier University, contributing significantly to the teaching and learning committee.

Dr. Ana-Paula’s research interests include sustainability, corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, social capital theory, strategy and operations, systems thinking, and action research. Her commitment to advancing sustainability is evident in her involvement in two major research projects funded by the UK Government, including co-investigating initiatives with 20 SMEs in Edinburgh and collaborating with 100 housing and construction organizations to transition to a net-zero economy.

Dr. Ana-Paula is a member of esteemed networks and councils, including the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, AMED Networks, ISBE, and BAM. Her contributions to knowledge can be found in published papers on CSR and Sustainability and insightful book chapters on sustainability and sustainable development through Springer Nature.

Dr. Ana-Paula’s dedication to education is unwavering, with her teaching approach aligned with PRME, which focuses on Sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals. This dedication has earned her accolades, including a certificate of recognition for Learning and Teaching from the University of Dundee and awards like the Best Programme Lead and Above and Beyond – Partnership track at Edinburgh Napier University.